The Portuguese
Case Study

The Portuguese Case Study

Portugal's success strategy to overcome the new coronavirus pandemic is explained by the fact that the Portuguese government has taken severe confinement measures at the right time. By the time that schools were closed, there were 112 positive cases in Portugal and by the time it was declared the State of Emergency in Portugal there were 785 positive cases. This early confinement rather than other countries allowed the National Health System to contain the number of new cases avoiding the collapse, that was seen in other European countries.
Additionally, Portugal from the very first beginning made a great effort to "Test, test, test" and today is the 6th country that made more tests per 1000 inhabitants.
Portugal was also recognized by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) on April 21th, as the country in the world with the largest number of differentiating projects to combat the covid-19 pandemic. From a total of 150 projects identified, 19 came from Portugal.
Companies and entrepreneurs responded to the crisis in a technological and disruptive way, aligned with the government that has also created a favorable environment for this to happen.
Health Cluster Portugal has also created value in the response to covid-19 and through its thematic network Smart Health Network has developed 3 projects along more than 20 members: